What Could Possibly Unite Us?

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Last post was about finding what unites us, and overlooking the magnitude of things small and large that seem to always divide us.  And while reading through Romans Chapter 1 for a bible study, one verse really stood out to me.  It was about God being revealed to all of us:


“For what can be known about God is plain to them.”


Now I’m no biblical scholar or theologian.


And I honestly don’t know what the official interpretation from the Vatican is on this verse.  (Guess I’m a bad Catholic.)


I can only let you know what my own reflection was.


To me,  it means that we all inherently know right from wrong, even if it is on a very basic level.  God has given us morals from birth.


Don’t just take it from me; there is research that proves it.  Just watch this adorbs video from CNN.  Or google “Do we have morals from birth.”  There are tons of examples.


We all have a piece of God inside us- He created us all exactly how we were supposed to be made.  We’re all on our walk of life with His guidance, no matter how far along that path we are.


We all deserve acceptance and love from each other, simply because we are all made by God– every single one of us, no matter our clothes, religion, nationality, culture, customs, beliefs, or looks.


So next time you are in a disagreement, or just can’t possibly find a thing in common with an adversary, or if someone just plain gets on your nerves, (We all have those people in our lives.) slow down and remember that they are your brethren through the Lord.


We are all part of His family, and that is the ultimate uniter.


Thanks for reading, happy new year, and remember to thank God for your precious, special life today!



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