To TP Or Not To TP; That Is The Question

Cute post, and a great reminder!

Tip of My Iceberg

Who knew a simple roll of toilet paper could provide so much fun?

John and I were watching the grandkids a few days back, and it was one of those times where everyone was a little grumpy.

We’d mowed the yard. They’d played soccer. Had been in a car and driven enough miles around central Florida to not want to do anything but be vegetative.

One-year-old Ryken refused to nap. He needed one. I needed him to need one. But after over a half hour of weeping and wailing, I relented and got him out of bed.

And prepared for the grumpies.unnamed-6

He wasn’t interested in toys. Music. None of the things that usually distracted him from a bad mood.

I had a momentary lapse of attention. He escaped into the bathroom and knocked the toilet paper holder down. Sent TP rolling across the floor.

It caught his attention.


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