Can Atheists be Spiritual?

Can Atheists Be Spiritual_
Atheists can indeed be spiritual, so don’t worry, dear atheists: you need not lack spiritual health if you don’t believe in God.  For a while, I thought that to be spiritual, you had to go to church all the time, let everyone know you were super duper religious, bear crosses around your neck, and/or hand out rosaries and blessings to everyone you meet.  Spiritual.  It just didn’t sound like me.  Then I learned a different definition of spirituality, and realized that spirituality definitely was something I was searching for.  Spirituality, the way I refer to it in this blog, means having a purpose- knowing why you are here ans who you are.  It’s also what you do: your values, principles, and conscience all work together to help encompass your spiritual side.
A Note to Atheists:
Maybe you’ve had religious zealots look down on you, or had negative experiences with others when they found out that you were an atheist.  I wish Christians who act like this would resist the urge.  It’s simply inconsistent with how we believe our God wants us to treat our fellow brothers and sisters, no matter their beliefs.  Instead, we should be understanding- empathetic with you, dear atheists.  Atheists, I can completely understand that your logic disqualifies you from believing, but I do not think that makes you a bad person.  Quite to the contrary, some of you are so morally cautious that I find you more likeable than the Christians who use their worship of traditions to justify thier lack of intentionality and generosity.
Now, it’s my belief that God put morals in us all to begin with, whether or not we recognize it, but I do not find it my place to convince you of the same belief.  I just think maybe you were presented with a horrible view of religion.  Maybe the religious people in your life were terrible people, and you associated that with their God.  Or maybe the church environment you were exposed to was all wrong, too, and that was a turn off.  Perhaps you are an introvert and it’s hard to learn or focus on anything else besides how uncomfortable you are among the loud, singing extroverts that usually fill up the rest of the pews.  I sympathize with you.  I’ve been there.  It’s taken me a while to get established in my faith because I’ve had the same feelings.
I just want you to know that you can learn from my posts even though I use scripture and use Godly references.  I don’t want you to feel left out.  You are worth every bit as much as everyone else and I’d love to help you with your life journey.  If you find the God and bible stuff to not be credible, ignore that sentence, but read on to find the basic information that can still help your life.  Just please, don’t discredit everything I write because I have a Christian viewpoint, because I want to help you as well!
End of note!
So yes, atheists can be spiritual, and working on spiritual health, the way I define it, will help them be happier.  We all need to know why we’re here.  We want to know that what we’re doing makes a difference.
Companies with the highest turnover rates and unhappiest employees exist because, to some point, the workers don’t feel like what they’re doing is making a difference.  Maybe their managers don’t communicates to them how valuable their job is, or their accomplishments are never recognized.  However, if workers know why they are doing said tasks, and that their job is important, they feel better about it.
And that’s not because its related in any way to religion, it’s just a fact of life that we like to make a difference, and that’s part of our spirituality.  So atheists, it’s worth taking the time to work on your spiritual health, and I’d love to help you!

2 thoughts on “Can Atheists be Spiritual?

  1. Very well said. We were all unbelievers at one point, and not greater than anyone else. God is merciful and able to open up our eyes if we will ask Him too. In the meantime, we Christians are called to love and pray, not condemn. Thanks for this reminder!


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