Name Change: Scribbles from Sarah is now Thank God for my Life.

Alert! Alert!  Name Change Alert! Ok, so maybe it’s not really that serious; perhaps that was a bit dramatic.  Sorry about that.  But I just wanted to let ya’ll know that Scribbles from Sarah has been changed to Thank God for my Life.
This is a more accurate description of my blog.  I want to provide information that will help everyone thank God for their lives every day.  Or every hour of every day.  Or every minute of every day.  Or if you’re a non-believer, to just be thankful for your life in general.  I’m not here to discriminate; I just want everyone to be happier!  And being grateful makes us happier.  And it’s a lot easier to be grateful for your life if you are living it right.  Thank God for my Life will provide tips of how to make you happier, and to remember to think quietly to yourself, or to shout from the mountaintops (your choice), “Thank God for my life!”
The reason for the name change: I need organization in my life.  I am not a nut about orderliness in general- I can go for quite a while without paying much attention.  If you could take a look at my closets, you’d understand what I mean.  But at some point, it makes me go crazy.  Like bananas crazy.  I crave some sense of structure around me, be it my aforementioned cluttered closets, my son’s toy boxes, my kitchen cupboards, or now, my blog.
After taking a look at my blog, I realized that although it’s been a bit random, it has all been about personal development.  So I decided to define my mission statement to clarify what I’m about.  I want to help you become the person you were meant to be.  I want you to find your passion and use your unique talents and personality to turn it into the life you want.  I want you to enjoy life.  It is a grand gift from God.  So why waste a minute of it?
Some research taught me that there are 4 key areas of life you must constantly work toward mastering and balancing to be the productive, happy person God put you here to be.  So now, my posts will be categorized  into one of the 4 categories to give you life changing tips that will actually make a difference, or will be there just to make you smile.  (I’m a big picture person, and get focused on efficiency at times.  So, to slow down and realize some things can be there just to make us laugh is good for me.  Laughter produces endorphins, too, after-all!)  Or they may just be a general post that will help in every area.
No matter what I post, I am here to increase your happiness quotient.  Since I’ve chosen only 4 areas, (Some break it down into 7.) some will be overlapping, but I’ll label them as best as I can.  Here they are:
1. Spirituality– By spirituality, I don’t mean how many gospel songs you listen to, or how many crosses are in your household decor.  No, it is more about knowing our purpose in life- who you are and why you are here.  I will also include posts about giving back and volunteering here, as these all intersect.
2. Money-This will include career and personal finance.
3. Relationships-With your children (aka parenting), spouse, family, with colleagues, etc.  Any relationship post will be here.  However, there will probably be more parenting posts than any other, since that’s my main job in life right now, so it’s what I think about most 🙂
4. Health– Emotional and physical health both will be here.

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