Giving Back- Your Inspiration to Change the World

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Maybe it’s just part of growing up (I know, I know, I’m getting old.), but lately I’ve really felt an urge to give back more.  I watched Adam Braun talk about his charity Pencils of Promise on Marie Tv here and it was absolutely mind blowing.  That one person- under 30- could make such a huge difference, and he’s telling me I could too!  I’m under 30 too, so sometimes it’s easy to think, “Well, God willing, I have at least 30 more good years left to do something valuable.”  Or sometimes, I swing the opposite direction, thinking, “Goodness gracious, I’m 28 already!  If I was meant to be a success, surely I’d be a success by now!”  But then I calm myself back down, (Breathe, drama queen!) and realize that both are flawed thinking, and that yes, I can do something now, even if it’s just giving Pencils of Promise a little bit of money, or volunteering at the nursing home every now and then.  And so can you- no matter your age, race, marital status, etc..  We can all make the difference we want to make in the world!
So on today’s post, I want to encourage everyone to do something in the name of improving the world. 
  • What is important to you?  
  • What do you admire someone else for?  
  • What would make you feel alive?  
  • What are your talents, and how could you use them to help others? 
That’s just a brainstorming list to help you pinpoint your unique avenue to changing the world.   Be intentional about your every action, because whether they’re good or bad, you are participating in the shaping of the world.  So why not mold it into the kind of place you want it to be more like?  You want it to be more generous?  More understanding?  Be more generous; be more understanding.  Though there are tons of other variables, in some ways your actions do influence culture, and the culture influences others’ actions.  Not automatically.  No, it may be a sloooooow process.  It may be a while before you see any change, but with persistence and patience, your work will pay off.  Good luck on your pursuit!
Come back tomorrow to learn about charities and which to give your resources to. 

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