Life is a Series of Building Blocks

Life is like a series of building blocks.  You have to go through phases in different areas of life to get to the next one.  Just as a baby has to figure out how to move, then crawl, then walk, so as a toddler he can climb, jump, and run, we have to master lesser important areas of life before we can move on to the more significant areas, but they each matter.  Adulthood carries its own immeasurable developmental milestones that are different for each person.
So everything you go through in life happens for a reason; don’t ever regret spending too much time on useless activities.  Use the uneasy feeling you have as an indicator that you need to solve the problem it created.  Don’t just carry the negativity with you; instead take the lessons and learn from them.  God put those times in your life for a reason- there was something you needed to learn from them.  Hard times- and all times-are no accident.
Maybe you simply learned that what you were doing, whether it was a job or a friendship, wasn’t a good fit for you.  Maybe that is a cue from God that it wasn’t your life’s calling, but great news: you are one step closer to finding what is.  Some of us have to try a lot of things before we finally land on that one real passion and say, “Ohhhhhhh.”  If you haven’t found it yet, be assured, there is something that feels right.  Something that you are supposed to be doing here on earth.  Something that is a perfect blend of your natural talents and unique interests.  It’s sort of like finding who you are supposed to be married to.  It’s just obvious, not a stab in the dark, but an “Oh, so this is what it’s supposed to be like.”
 If you are trying to pinpoint your individual brand of awesomeness, I’d love to help.  So contact me, and good luck!

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