The Weather as it Relates to Life

I feel like the weather is a metaphor God gave us for life.  Sometimes it pours, sometimes it’s cloud-free and sunny, and still other times it’s back and forth all day.  Some seasons, like fall and spring in my neck of the woods, it’s beautiful nearly every day, while the next season has unbearable extremes of temperatures daily.  Some parts of the world have nice weather all year round, some have feet of ice and snow all the time.  To be sure, there is no shortage of variety in weather patterns.

In our lives, we have to put up with a multitude of different situations, environments, and challenges.  Some are fun, symbolized by whatever weather you deem as great, and some are hard, symbolized by the snow and ice, for me.  (I like rain, so I can’t really see it standing for anything negative.  Cold, on the other hand, that’s another story!)  It seems to me that some people’s lives have lots of struggles, never ending strife, while others seem to float by, living an easy, carefree existence- the envy of many for sure.  This reminds me of the different climates.

Some places, like Hawaii, have permanently beautiful weather, (a la the people with easy lives) whereas places like Alaska or Greenland are cursed with snow year round (just like some people have grief stricken lives).   Most areas, however, have seasons and a wider variety of weather, just as the majority of people have plenty of ups and downs that come and go, and span their whole lives.

You are free to move from one area to another, however, even if it takes some planning, time, and research, but it is possible to get out of one climate area and into one you find more desirable.  Just like it’s possible, in life, to move out of a negative mindset and into a more comfortable one, or vice versa if you’re not being intentional about where your spiritual life is moving.

Similarly, when Jesus calmed the ocean in Mark 4: 35-41, during the terrible storms, the disciples were frightened.  He calmed them and asked why they were so scared, and we think it’s obvious that they were afraid for their lives!  But, if you will, maybe the weather can be viewed as a metaphor for life in this passage as well.  The storms, to me, symbolize the turbulence in life.  Things can get hectic every day- you can face drama, ridicule, and difficult decisions, but through it all, if you trust God has ultimate control, you won’t feel the strong feelings of anxiety the disciples felt when they didn’t trust him.

Jesus probably won’t be coming down into your life physically, and telling your problems to go away, taking care of everything for you like he could for the disciples that day, but he can be the foremost thought on your mind while the difficult situation is happening, and he can help you help yourself to best handle it, ridding it out of your life if possible, and all the while staying as a house built on a strong foundation, like He says in Matthew 7:26, even if you can’t completely rid your life of all negatives at the current time.


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