Third Thursday Thoughts- Rest Already!

tth th thToday is a third Thursday Hearts at Home post about unleashing your power to rest.  Thank you so much to the Hearts at Home family for allowing me to be a blogger with them!

Resting is a necessity in our lives, just like eating food and breathing are.  The most common obstacle to resting for us moms, I feel, is that we feel overwhelmed with an ever increasing list of stuff we MUST get done.  If this is what is holding you up from getting the rest you need, you may need to try to re-assess your priorities.  Is it really important that your house is spotless?  Even if company is coming over?  Does that really bring you and your family happiness?  More than likely, the company of your family is what brings your home happiness, not the cleanliness or lack thereof inside it.

If your to do list is holding you up from getting any rest, then take a good look at your list.  I am definitely a list person, but after having a child, I realized that the less important things on my list don’t need to be knocked off in any hurry.  I have stopped keeping all the little lists I seem to rack up- grocery, to do, gifts to buy, etc.- in easily visible sight so I don’t have to constantly see all the things I’m not getting done.  Instead of having a (not fun) list of household chores I need to get done on the dry erase board in the kitchen, this list is on a sheet of paper, neatly tucked away on the side of the refrigerator, and the dry erase board is some goofy (sad) attempt at art by me that changes monthly.  Right now, it’s a tribute to my favorite chicken, Goldie.

If reprioritizing your life is a challenge, try to look at the issue from God’s point of view.  Would HE want you to be living a frazzled life, depriving yourself of any rest?  Or would he want you to enjoy your life, getting rest- enjoying the little time he gives us here on earth- and then, in effect, being able to enjoy the rest of your day that much better, as well?  The latter, I believe.  I feel like God confronted me with this issue after my son was born.  I was stressed about the house being a mess, but then I realized that all the material goods in my house that I was worried about being in order were all blessings from God.  Would he really want me to be stressed about the number of dishes he’s allowed in my life and that are piled up in the sink?  Or did he give them to me because he bestowed a blessing on me, and so I wouldn’t have to wash each dish right after I use it so it’s ready for the next meal?  Again, I choose to believe the latter.  My mind was frazzled, and a frazzled mind can’t be focused on God’s will.  Only a rejuvenated mind can best be focused on how God wants them to live.  I chose to let the issue go and instead rest, if that was what I felt I needed to do.  There will be time to catch up on the dishes later.

Furthermore, to live a healthy life, it’s important to incorporate breaks for yourself before you’re too exhausted to go on-preventive maintenance for your mind and body.  It’s not a waste of time; you can feel productive while you’re doing it.  It will make you a better mom, wife, or person because you won’t be on your last nerve when it’s time to deal with your children, spouse, or anyone again.  Instead, you’ll be refreshed and restored with a new set of fresh nerves to decrease the possibility of overreactions to the inevitable problems that come up, no matter how minute.

If it’s still too hard for you to rest, remember that above everything, God commanded you to rest one full day a week!  It wasn’t a mere suggestion or an idea, it was commanded to us, and we must follow it if we want to follow God’s word.  He knows what’s best for you because he created you!  His agenda for your life is more important than yours’.  Don’t think your to-do list is more important than restoring your own vitality.  So if you can’t find time to rest each day, take time to rest on the Sabbath, at least.

Here is a link to a list of quotes about rest in the Bible.  They always bring me reassurance, so I will share them with you.

Thanks for reading and happy resting!


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