More on the Importance of Taking Risks

You’ll never realize your reason for being on earth if you’re paralyzed by fear of what could happen if you take a risk.  What would life be like now if any of the biblical heroes or saints would have been too scared to follow the Lord’s calling?  That was a huge risk for each and every one of them.  They didn’t know what others would think, or if they’d make it doing what they were doing, but they chose to listen to what God had in store for them, risking everything.

What if you as a baby had never decided to take the risk of trying to walk?  It must be so scary for the little guys, the risk of falling is prevalent, and they will no doubt bump their heads countless times before they get the hang of it.  But, almost all babies learn to walk by the time they’re one and a half, because risk is a part of life, and we have to deal with it.

I sometimes think to myself, “Won’t I be sad if I live to be old and I’ll never have known what my hair would have looked like blond?”  I’ve always wondered.  Now, I even take more fashion, makeup, and hair risks as part of my newfound attitude about risk.

In a more serious side of my life, if I took the safe way out and stayed in a corporate job that I didn’t feel like was my calling in life, I may have made a difference in some peoples lives whom I worked around, albeit my sourer attitude, but I’d never have felt these newfound butterflies in my stomach that are fluttering around because I’m actually excited about where my life’s going, and feel like I’m on the right path to serving the most people, in the way I’m best gifted to do so.

I want that acknowledgement and assuredness for everyone that they’re doing what God puts them here to do.  Are you following God’s will by your day to day activities and occupation?  If you often have an uneasy feeling, feel the need to look for other jobs periodically, and just know deep down you’re not meant to be doing what you currently are, you need to fix that brokenness in your life.

Don’t quit your job without having another one lined up, please!!  It’s not instantaneous.  You still need to eat and have lights, so you may still need your job for now.  Don’t be irresponsible about it; the Bible says to take care of your house- family- first.  Don’t go running off with your own dreams and forget about the real world, you still live in it.

You may need time to figure out what it is you’re actually meant to do in the first place, anyway.  I suggest reading Jon Acuff’s Quitter and Start for more information, or look up Dave Ramsey’s advice on how to move towards your dream job.  They are both so knowledgeable, and have inspired me.  They know how it’s done from firsthand experience, and their books are a great starting point.  I wish you luck in your quest to find what God’s calling is for you!


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