A Lifelong Fascination with Four Leaf Clovers Made Sense of

I love all things in nature, and one of my favorite summertime activities is searching for, and finding, four leaf clovers.  It is the cheapest, most natural scavenger hunt, provided as a free, ongoing activity for you by God himself!  A pristinely kept yard is not a high priority for my husband and I, so our backyard is full of clover patches, which bloom with beautiful, honeybee filled, little white and purple flowers, a wonderful sight for us!  This allows me to have lots of four leaf clover searching opportunities, even if it’s more of a glancing over a patch while I’m walking over it and pointing to the one four leafed oddity, juxtaposed to the downright serious searches I had more time for in years past, actually sitting down and thumbing through them on a more individual basis.

I have thought about researching four leaf clovers more closely, to find out if I’d be able to plant a four leaf clover patch and get a whole area to be all these “lucky” clovers, and to see why the fourth leaf is sometimes different looking.  But, I’ve not yet made it a priority to study the science behind these little wonders of nature, so I’m left with my own mind’s imagination as to the reasoning behind the rare extra appendage.

Shortly after spotting on this morning, it came to me that four leaf clovers don’t fit into St. Patrick’s description of three leaf clovers being a symbol of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit all together as separate entities, yet one being.  What would St. Patty say about four leaf clovers, I wondered?  Would he disregard them as genetically flawed misfits?  Were four leaf clovers not yet evolved into nature when he was alive, and every clover he saw only had three leaves?  Would he think I’m wasting my mind’s intellectual potential and precious Earthly time pondering over something so seemingly simple and futile?  Probably so, on that last one!

I’ve read that the fourth leaf can represent God’s grace, and that some people believe that each leaf stands for faith, hope, love, and luck.  But, I wasn’t that well researched this morning and didn’t know all that when I started thinking about it, so I came up with my own conclusion.  So perhaps you could take the journey with me to explore a different view of four leaf clovers, and we could look at it differently, perhaps that fourth leaf could represent us- humans.

It seems to me that it’s also a rarity to find a person whose life is completely in tune with God’s word- as much as we flawed humans’ lives can be.  But when we are intertwined with God’s ways, we become one with him as well, just like the fourth leaf is right there on the three leaf clover, a part of the holy trinity.  Maybe we are just waiting to come out as the fourth leaf.  At the beginning stages of our walks with Christ, perhaps we are like active parts of the stem or infrastructure, helping in some ways to carry nourishment to the world, but when we do get all the God given strength and energy we need to sprout as part of his living body, it’s a miraculous occurrence, just as it’s miraculous to find a four leaf clover.  We become more beautiful, a sight to behold, not aesthetically like the clover, but internally beautiful in a way that would be obvious to anyone who cares to acknowledge it, when we fully embrace his light and presence and find the strength to fully become the child he calls us to be.  When I read George MacDonald’s writings, I feel that he must have been like a huge, healthy four leaf clover, in this sense, so full of God’s wisdom and clear about every word, as well as so happy having been in the Lord’s full presence while he was here on Earth.

Sometimes you find a patch full of four leaf clovers.  Sometimes you go on a dry spell and don’t see any around for a long time.  Other times, you catch one intermittently, here and there.  Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to find correlations between humanity and nature- we’re all God’s creations, after all, so a pattern shouldn’t be just too surprising.  But they are always exciting to recognize and think about, at least to me anyway, even if they’re farfetched, and this is yet another example.  There are also whole nations and whole groups of people where God’s influence seems to be missing or only rarely present in the hearts and minds of its people- like when you can’t find any of the lucky plants.  Then there are groups, like in some churches,  wherein it seems God is kept intentionally present in many people all around you- many four leaf clovers!  Still other times, it seems more of a hit and miss situation, in which you may feel God’s love strongly from someone here or there, but definitely not in the majority- and this seems to be the norm.

These are just some nuances in nature I’ve found, being a lover of both God and nature, I see a correlation between such things.  Whether it’s purposely put here by God or just a coincidence, I don’t know, but I’ll still write about it and hope that it will at least amuse you, dear reader, if not help you to understand a bit better.


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