The Lessons Learned from my Toddler and Alabama

My 14 1/2 month old son just toddled up to me and handed me the Alabama Greatest Hits CD that was sitting on our “entertainment center,” and I quote entertainment center because really, it’s just an old dresser that holds up our TV and houses the baby’s toys in the bottom drawers.  I probably should have just taken that as an indication that I should put my stuff up better, like where the baby wouldn’t be in danger of grabbing them, but instead, I switched out his Sesame Street DVD to the Alabama CD, as I do recall him tapping his foot to their songs way earlier in his precious life, enjoying the beat.  So, I thought, maybe he remembered this too and would like to hear some more, so I popped it in for him.

When we got to Born Country, an amazing song for a country girl such as myself, it got to the line, “What more could two people ask for?”  This line really struck a chord with me.  It could really be the motto to my life.  What more could my husband and I ask for?  I have a beautiful, healthy family: a great, handsome husband who is so supportive of me being stay at home, which I love, and a cute toddler who’s precious in every way, and I get to be there for every minute of his development, plus we may even have another one on the way ;)!

I have a shelter that keeps me safe from all the elements, in great comfort.  We have potable drinking water right here in our home, which isn’t thought about too much in our western civilization, but compared to some less fortunate third world countries and our own ancestors, is so convenient and miraculous in and of itself.  We have a variety of fresh, nutritious food shipped to a supermarket nearby for us to pick up at our convenience, or the more convenient already prepared food readily available at the store or any restaurant if we are really in urgent need of nourishment.  I could honestly easily focus on only one of these things and go on for pages about how grateful I am for them, or I could go on and list many more things I’m thankful for that are common in most of our lives, if you’re living in the same region I am.

I also try to realize the vast amount of complexity and coordination all these things that I used to take for granted take, both in the way it gets to the place of desire, to the ways they are produced, to the government, economy, and free mindset that had to be present for any of these luxuries to be conceived and put into place to begin with. Formerly working in the agriculture sector helps me to be knowledgeable and thankful for all that goes into getting our food to us, but the same type of work is put forth for everything else that ends up in my house, be it the wiring systems that bring electricity  and cold air relief  on hot days via air conditioning, or the leather sofa that sits in our living room.  Only by being conscious about all the work that is behind all the nice things we have can we be really thankful for the ever present multitude of blessings God’s bestowed to us.  We aren’t owed anything just for being alive and here, God really does just generously give this us all to us as nice tokens of his love for us.  Only by being intentional about being grateful about all we have, and all the details behind them, can we find real happiness.  Because being grateful makes you happy, whereas being entitled always leaves you feeling like you don’t have enough.

Sure, I could focus on what I don’t have, who wouldn’t take a bigger, nicer house and more income to go with it, maybe a pool or a boat or private jet would be nice too, while I’m listing things we don’t have!  But I am choosing instead to focus on what I do have- personal abilities and characteristics included along with the physical, and that forces me to focus on the positives of life.

What more could two people ask for?  Absolutely nothing.  We have everything we need to live happy lives, if we focus on what we do have, not on what we don’t.  Thank you for reminding me of that via your awesome song, Alabama!  Maybe your life is similar and just needs some examination and thought to realize you have all of life’s necessities along with lots of luxuries, and you can find reasons to be grateful as well, leading to a more happy life!


2 thoughts on “The Lessons Learned from my Toddler and Alabama

  1. Your reference to the song I wrote (“Born Country” for Alabama) made my day! So glad the song meant enough to you to quote it. I enjoyed reading your entire post. Very nice. Warm regards….Byron Hill, Nashville


    1. Hi, I can’t believe you wrote that awesome song! I love Alabama and that song! I checked out your website, and you have written so many more amazing songs! I love old country! I’m so humbled you took time to read my post, and you also made my day for taking the time to write me about it; thank you so, so much!


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