Humans and Our Nature

C.S. Lewis said that humans amphibians- half animal, half spirit.  The theory seemed to be that we are half animal, which means we can rely on instinct to live, and half spirit, which means we also have God in us, and can reason, in a deep way, about what the correct way to do anything may, in fact, be.

This analogy, if it even is an analogy and not altogether correct, clarifies to me lots of behaviors of both mine and others I’ve observed and tried to analyze over the years.  I’ve seen it referred to as a knee jerk reaction, and I’ve thought and written of it before as your default behavior, but now I see that it’s pure acting on instinct that brings people down in some circumstances.  God calls us to seek knowledge in him.  If we instead ignore our spiritual side and act only on instincts, we are brought down to being nothing but animals: yelling at our fellow humans any time we’re mad, acting sexually devious, being lazy, giving in to temptations, and I could go on and on and on.  Not that everyone acting on instinct is guilty of doing ALL these things, but everyone has their own weaknesses that will be revealed if you allow yourself to act only on instinct.  We must be intentional about getting to know ourselves so we know our weaknesses, so we can then pinpoint where we really need to be employing our God-given reasoning abilities before acting.  We must be thirsty for knowledge in God so we are ever prepared to act in the way that would make him smile in any situation we are faced with.

Just a side note, I feel like we are one big experiment here on earth of a real life good versus evil conflict for the heavens to watch and cheer us on, only unlike the movies we get to watch, this reel has real implications that actually affect real people’s lives.  How boring God and the angels must think our faked cinematic events are when we give them real life examples of dramas, love stories, and PLENTY of farces played out day after day, for them to watch happen in real time, intercede on good’s part if called to, and cheer us on.


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