Finding that Delicate Balance

Finding balance in my life has been so important to me.  Balancing how much work to do versus get some rest, balancing friendships and how much work I should put into them now that everyone is far away from me, and balancing how much to say in certain situations versus just keeping quiet- all require deliberate decisions and a delicate balance to create harmony in life.  Without intention, any one thing can go too far in one direction, leaving the other areas of life no time, and very quickly my world seems backwards and not nearly as fun and prosperous as it should be.  And their will no doubt be more ominous situations in the future that I’ll have to figure out how to handle and balance as my son gets older and has his own ever more complicated set of behaviors and dilemmas to handle.

The art of finding a balance struck me as having Biblical importance when I was reading through Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew Chapters 5-7.  Once again, I realized that all the answers are in the Bible, right there, waiting for me to open it up and read them for myself.  In 6:25-34, he goes over why not to worry about the next day’s problems, that today’s will be plenty for us to deal with.  But soon afterwards, in 7:7-11, he tells us to ask, so it can be given to us, search, so we can find, and knock, so the door will be opened for us.  This makes it evident to me that life requires a balance.  We cannot just cease thinking about tomorrow, but we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow.  We can prepare for tomorrow, but not be consumed with the ever-present multitude of negative (and positive) possibilities that could or couldn’t occur.  There’s no way for us to know what will happen, so it’s a waste of mental energy, and consequently physical energy as well, to be concerned about it.  However, we can’t just sit around and do nothing and wait for the world to bring us our necessities, we must work.  For he goes on to say that we must ask, search, and knock- are all work requiring pre-thought out intentions- for it to ever even be able to be given to us, not to just sit idly by and everything will just end up in our laps.  I think only by reading through lots of scripture and analyzing it as a whole will we be able to figure out, the best we can, what he means by it all, instead of just picking out one bit of it and living by just that teensy fraction of the whole, also known as: finding a balance in it.

It’s also made obvious that we need to think in the Ten Bridesmaids parable in Matthew 25.  We shouldn’t just “trust” that God is going to provide us what we need without doing anything ourselves to attain it.  We must think ahead and think for ourselves.  I think he can only extend help to us if we are willing to help ourselves, just as we cannot help one of our fellow humans, no matter how much we want to, unless they are first willing to help themselves.


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