Turths in the Screwtape Letters and Life

What’s most fun for me to read are when words have been put to something that’s relevant to my life, and I’ve been living and doing subconsciously, without ever realizing the actual words that make up the explanation of the occurring phenomenon.  Also, it’s fun for me to think about and pinpoint these things as well.  I guess it’s because you can never improve on anything unless you know the actual technical analysis of it, and I’m ever trying to improve my mothering skills and my state of happiness in life.  When I read the first chapter of the Professionalizing Motherhood book by Jill Savage, I gained multiple explanations why being a stay at home mom was the right thing for my family, whereas before it was more of just a strong conviction.  So to me, reading and realizing these facts were an assurance that I was indeed doing the right thing for my family and our future.

I think it’s fun for people to read and hear about such things because they’re just the surprising truth.  Comedians are many times just joking and telling the truth about everyday things, and it’s hilarious, just because it’s true.  I’ve listened to lectures about communication and realized many technical applications of things you already do if you want to be a good communicator, but now I know the actual reason and science behind it, can be intentional about it, and realize if I’m ever not doing it, that I can’t just allow myself to brush it off and not worry about it since I now know it as a truth.

This is exactly what makes the Screwtape Letters so fascinating to me, it’s revelation after revelation every chapter about truths in human psychology.  Every chapter I thought, “Crap, I do that!” And I never realized it could be a by-product of evil.  I recommend reading the Screwtape Letters because it brings to light issues the devil’s trying to influence you about.  Even if they’re tiny little unhealthy mindsets in your head that aren’t a sin in and of themselves, they’re still not healthy for your relationship with God, and are just the devil’s way of drawing you away from God.  It’s so easy to justify things, if you don’t realize that it’s against God’s will because you’ve never seriously studied issues like I haven’t until now, that aren’t a breaking of a commandment, or aren’t openly addressed in common church teachings.  Getting drunk- well it’s not breaking a commandment, so why not?  Being rude to a service worker like a slow fast food worker or a waitress who got your order wrong- it’s not against a commandment, and I just went to church, so I must be in the right!  Well, C.S. Lewis would beg to differ; his hypothesis seemed to be that these tiny infractions are just the devil using his influence to get you fully to his side without your even realizing it.  As George MacDonald says, it’s not wrong to just be not living by God’s will, if you don’t realize you’re not doing anything wrong, but it is wrong if you know the truth , and you still refuse to live by it.

So now I’m wondering if I should keep studying these issue,s because the more I learn, the harder it’s going to be to live by all this!  Oh ignorance must really be bliss!  But C.S. Lewis also has a small sentence in his book about this, about how God is smiling down on us if He knows we are just trying or have a thought about doing something right.  So shew!  At least I have the right intentions, even though I know I’ll never be able to fully figure this life thing out, and that in and of itself makes God happy too, if indeed Lewis is correct.

But, even if it’s harder, I still feel relief and feel like it’s making life easier with each truth I’m realizing.  For there ‘s already an answer to every issue I’ll ever face.  For there’s no new feeling I’m feeling, everything’s already been addressed by God, and he either condones it as from His own origin, or is looking down on it as evilness He’s about to squash.  My life is nothing new- the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through are all things that humanity and God and Satan have seen, and noticed patterns in, and dealt with over and over and over.  And I can look to each point of view to accomplish the most I m supposed to in my life.  Hooray!


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