The Screwtape Letters

I’m reading the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, which is regarded as a classic, I know, and yes, I know, I probably should have read a long time ago, but forgive me, in my new journey, for just now reporting about it and coming to the realizations in the book that have been around for….forever.  I admit, the only thing that initially drew me to the book, a few years ago, was the author’s name, for I’d read Narnia in junior high and loved it!  But I put it off, and just now got into it, and am absolutely amazed.  Amazed about the truths about humanity.  It’s amazing that ALL the truths and all the answers we need and so desperately search for our whole lives are right there- in the Bible, which is Lewis’ basis, just waiting for us to read and discover.

You may think the Bible is archaic, that it was written a long time ago and nothing in it could ever apply to us modern day Homo Sapiens.  Now we are evolved, with new mindsets and novel inventions, a lot of people argue, which is the same argument against the U.S. Constitution.  Well, perhaps we are, and we do indeed have lots of new toys, and it is a shame for sure that we can’t just look up what Jesus thinks about these newer issues that didn’t exist in His time, like overuse of Facebook.  If only the Bible was ever-changing and clarified all these morally gray issues that pop up with all our new scientific technology, what a relief it would be.  Are GMOs ok, or is that changing God’s work?  Would God approve of freezing human eggs?  But no, the answers aren’t clearly there, we are called to dissect the issues and come to our best understanding of the root of the issue, using what resources we have in the Biblical texts to come to our conclusions.  Our personal conclusions may not be able to affect the public policy on the matter, but at least we will be on the side we’ve decided is morally correct and be able to take a stand if we’re called to and deem is our job.

But, even though all the sciences are new, humanity- humans and all their vast feelings, motivations, desires, needs, and wants- is the same uniform group it always was and will be.  Rabbi Daniel Lapin does a great job explaining this in his book Thou Shall Prosper.  What miniscule problems the people of just 200 years from now will look back and think about our discussions, just as we may look back and think about our pre-internet revolution ancestors.  But our discussions aren’t any less valid than theirs will be, our personal torment and decisions no less important, just as Jesus’ parables aren’t a bit less valuable today than they were in His time.  We are people, and though no two people are exactly alike, thank God, we are molded by the same Creator from the same clay, though different colors and of different times, and our basics will not change.

It becomes so obvious when you actually get down to the grit of the content.  Everything C.S. Lewis’ nameless character went through is a feeling that struck me as Yes! Yes! So true, and he was a man living maybe in the 60’s? And I’m a woman in present time.  It’s amazing that our inner core is so similar and that the devil can use the same tactics on everyone.  Just look to the Bible for answers, they’re there.  It may take studying and analyzing and lots of re-reading, but for every core issue, they’re there.

Forgive me if this is something that’s so obvious to you, but things that just hit me are things that strike my mind and need to be written out for me to best comprehend them, and congrats on being so smart!  Hopefully this could at least serve as a refresher if it isn’t new information.

Note about those gray areas I wrote about before: after so much schooling in the sciences and controversial topics related, I sometimes wonder if the basics matter, if I shouldn’t be spending any extra time analyzing those gray areas that sometimes seem to matter more.  But, they’re not issues I have to personally deal with right now, so I don’t feel that is my calling, at least at this point.  I am fascinated and urged to write about the black and white topics and truths in the Bible, and I hope that figuring these out first will inevitably lead to a clearer understanding of the muddier issues if I ever need to make a call on any of them.


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