Hearts at Home; Having the Courage to Motivate

I’m happy to say that the Hearts at Home community has allowed me to become a Hearts at Home blogger!  Not familiar with Hearts at Home?  Well, this is excerpted straight from their website: Hearts at Home’s mission is to encourage, educate, and equip every mom in every season of motherhood using Christian values to strengthen families.  I read the Hearts at Home book Professionalizing Motherhood, and was impressed at their ministry and all the good they do for mothers everywhere; I am so grateful and want to thank Hearts at Home for allowing me this opportunity!  I will post any announcements that Hearts at Home has, and on third Thursdays of the month, I will be blogging about the topic Hearts sets for their bloggers.  Today, it is the courage to motivate.

I’m going to write from the point of view of an introvert, because so many things I read about having courage to do, well anything, are just not realistic for certain personality types.  Of course, I could try and try and try to be an outgoing, social butterfly and just flutter around the room trying to motivate people, but that is just not the personality God gave me.  I would be an unhappy butterfly, indeed.   Instead of trying to change myself, I choose instead to realize and embrace that I’m more of the introvert type, and do the best with what God has given me, because I’m this way for a purpose, with my own strengths, and so are you.

So, speaking from an introvert’s point of view, my courage to motivate others is the courage to put myself out there so I can be an example to others.  I don’t have it in me to give unsolicited advice, and since I’m a stay at home mom, I’m not in a very social setting with lots of friends around me each day to casually add something motivating to the conversation.  This may have been possible while I was growing up, as in the more formative years, you seem to be surrounded by extremely social settings everywhere you go.  No, now I only talk to a handful of close friends on the phone here and there, and live far away from my family as well.  Of course, I do have daily contact with my husband and toddler son, but motivating them comes easy, as my son is at a stage where everything he does is just so adorable. (I don’t know if this stage will ever end though, in this over-adorning and loving mama bear’s point of view!) My husband’s well-being, though it may come across as selfish, affects me as well, so it’s always in my best interest to motivate him, in the sense of just being supportive.  We have a great relationship and I’m always positive any time he’s questioning anything.

But towards other people, for me, it’s harder because of my social situation.  Not having the social connectivity or outgoing personality to be a vocal cheerleader, my courage to motivate comes from my courage to set a good example.  The courage to try something new and follow your dream.  Like, for example, starting a blog was a hard decision for me, as it scares the bejeezus out of me to invite others in to get to know me so well.  Just a few things running through my head, which maybe you can relate to, in whatever endeavor you want to attempt: What will they think?  What if I offend someone or hurt someone’s feelings, or what if I really have no talent, have nothing valuable to say, and everyone just thinks I’m stupid?  By me having the courage to stop worrying about these things, which I attribute to my husband’s influence on my life- he’s a huge advocate for not caring what other people think- I hope to be a motivator to other people who have similar inhibitions about their dreams.  My realization and willingness to try new things in my life will hopefully be an example and motivation to those close to me, and anyone who reads my writings, to cease their worrying about what other people think- because you can’t control it anyway- and follow your dream.   At least try out what you think is your dream at this point.  Maybe you’ll try it out and realize it’s not your ecstasy after all, and then you’ll gain the self realization about exactly what you’re put on this earth for-and be one step closer to being able to capture your personal version of perfection, and share the gift the Lord has given you to share!  Good luck on your journey!


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