Why Writing is for Me

Why do I like to write?  Because it’s a creation of the mind.  I find that I’m a creative person, even though I’ve never considered myself a very artistic person, but, alas, I can create a portrait via my written words and hopefully add to humanity’s well-being because of my words.  My thoughts can flow out of me and have a canvas to sit on.  My mind can find more clarity when I explore its innermost thoughts through writing.  Now I just have to find out if anyone else would enjoy reading my random contemplation creations, and find a way to get the word out to more people so they even have a chance to enjoy my writings.  I need to convince them they could get something-knowledge, entertainment, humor, or hopefully all three-out of my writings.  My ultimate goal is to monetize my hobby, but that may be a while off, as this blog in its current state may be better practice and learning about blogging and how to generate readership.

I also love that I can write from anywhere.  I don’t have to travel to an office to complete my work, and if I do happen to be travelling, it will not hinder my ability to complete my work.  Also, my children will be able to read my writings, long after I’m gone, or while I’m here, and find out lessons about life that were important to me- if I didn’t succeed in teaching them- and choose to live by them if they wish.

Now, verbally and socially, I’m an introvert.  I just don’t feel the need for everyone to know my opinion or personally related anecdote on every subject brought up, even though I’m very opinionated internally.  But, just because I don’t spurt them out nonstop doesn’t mean I’m not filled to the brim with ideas, and my writings are my outlet where those ideas and feelings can naturally come out in a better formed, more articulate, more fun, able to stay socially concealed kind of way.  Please let me know if you would like to hear more about any certain topic from me!  I would love to try to cater my writings to what would best help the people who read them.


2 thoughts on “Why Writing is for Me

  1. Picasso had his canvas, had his paper and his pencil and made masterpieces out of them, Shakespare had his own canvas, his paper and his pen and also made his own masterpieces. You are an artist, what they draw about you write about and there goes your genius.


    1. Francois, you are so kind! Thank you so much for all your encouragement. I found a lot of similarities when I read your about page; I, too, am happily married and an observer of life, and consider myself a student of happiness. I’m also new to blogging like you. So, I’m really finding your blog very interesting and looking forward to reading your posts!

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