Mother’s Day Thanks to my Mom!

Thanks, Mom, for all you have done for me and continue to do, but specifically for:

Listening to old country all the time so I am aware of this amazing genre.  I’m a huge fan, and it really takes me back to an old place when I hear certain songs.  Delta Dawn and Ring of Fire beat any new country song.

Living in the country with plenty of cats, dogs, puppies, and nature to grow up around, learn about, and love.

Giving me 4 siblings I’m now friends with.  We had playmates right there and readily available while we were growing up.  Now, I am so thankful to be able to observe such different perspectives that all stemmed from one place.

Making us go to church and Sunday school every week, no matter how begrudgingly I did it during high school.

Taxiing us around to all our sporting events.  Seriously, that was crazy.  We went everywhere!  My parents were always grateful to be able to take us around and watch us play all over creation, never complaining.

Exposing us to a variety of events and places, like the Fox Theatre, The Muny, the zoo, and all kinds of other cultural events.

Being a great Grandma to my son and his cousins and loving them all!  You will be a great influence in all the little ones’ lives.

And Dad, in case I don’t do a Father’s Day post, thanks for always teaching us that you GET to go to places, you don’t HAVE to.  Whether it be work, the doctor, church, or your mother-in-law’s, you always made a point to correct us that you GET to go, not HAVE to go.  That is something I will definitely carry on with my children!

I’ve also had a couple of aunts who were big influences in my lives, two amazing Grandmas, an awesome mother-in-law, and a big sister who acted more like my mom than a big sister for a while in my life, and I am also thankful for all this as well.


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