Worshipping the Wrong Thing?

George MacDonald has written about how many Christians end up worshipping a tradition rather than worshipping God.  I’ve found this true in my life, as I’ve observed people going to church religiously every weekend, no matter where they are, no matter what the circumstance.  On the surface, this seems like a great thing to do.  But, if we go to church, even if it’s every Sunday, and never pay attention while we’re there to the Word of God, and only notice other people’s outfits, who was late, and the ticking of the clock while every minute passes in that slowest hour of the week, then are we worshipping God, or a tradition?

I want my family and me to never just be sheep and follow others to church just to say we’ve been there and have done our weekly duty.  I want us to want to be there and pay attention to the Word of God while we’re there.  I want to feel refreshed and have a reverence for what is actually important in life after going to church.  (Notice, I write WANT, not a present tense verb such as am, are, or currently enjoying because we are still working on accomplishing this!  It’s the social aspect that is the scariest for me at church, having to be around other people.)

George MacDonald also writes that we shouldn’t let religion be an experience at church, kept at church, and our daily lives be lived completely separate than our religion.  Our religion (God) should be the ruler of our whole life, and the Sunday service to serve as a refresher and guidance.  The Sunday service’s conclusions shouldn’t be a relief, and we shouldn’t feel glad that we’ve paid our due and can go back to living however we want during the whole week, talking behind people’s backs, judging people, or however miniscule our daily sins seem or happen to be.  They’re our daily walks and we can prove to God we’re servers serving Him when we use these experiences to spread His word.  Not spread His word orally by preaching or offering unsolicited advice, no matter how well-intentioned, but by living His word as an example to others.   As good ole’ George MacDonald writes, if we were less concerned with trying to spread the word orally and just live it, we’d be attracting way more people to Christianity because they’d see how awesome it is.

That being said, well, written, forgive me for writing the word when it could perhaps come across as the exact unsolicited advice aforementioned.  I’m not writing to say I’ve accomplished a perfect life and you should follow me.  No, not quite, but I’m trying to live right, and these are the things I’m reading and thinking about, and this is the writing that is flowing out of my pen and it’s helping my understanding of the Lord and of His world, so I only publish this in case it can help someone else, somewhere come to some more understanding as well.


2 thoughts on “Worshipping the Wrong Thing?

  1. It helps to know am not alone in trying to have a relationship with God outside of church. But the hope that the desire is alive is awesome. Inspirational……


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