What Matters Most

I am a Christian woman who is newly dedicated to strengthening my bond with God.  I am now going back to Church more often, and listening and reading to all I can about the subject in what extra time I have.  However, while I am listening to many a preacher or speaker talk about how to better your Christianity walk, I oftentimes feel like we are merely scratching the surface.  Why preach about how to best manage your time, or your friendships, or your household, when all that really matters is living in the truth?

This theme of God’s truth that George McDonald writes about is what really is beginning to make me realize what Christianity is all about.  It is not what the people at your church think of you, but it is what God knows about you.  The people at church are fallible, because they are people, and that is how God made them.  But knowing that you are living right through God-this is where our inner peace should come from.  I can’t believe I spent so many years getting turned off to Christianity because I believed that the people who put themselves forth as representatives of Christianity were the true representatives of God.  They are merely fallible mortals, while God is the truth.  I was worried about pleasing the people in the church, not God.  It is so simple, yet so hard for us to find this truth, and then still even harder to live by for far more people.

George McDonald’s writings are so helpful to me.  I am so happy I’ve come to these realizations with his help.   Listen to God’s word, and you’ll have all the knowledge you need.  He is our creator, after all, and the first place you should go when say, for instance, your computer breaks down, would be the manufacturer.  If you wanted the ultimate performance out of your computer, you’d even schedule regular maintenance checkups, and you’d take great care never to put your machine in any harm.

Well, the same holds true in our lives.  To get the most out of your life, look towards He who made you.  If you have a problem you’re trying to solve, go to God.  He manufactured you out of thin air, and He knows how to solve any problems you may come across.  He knows the answer, or He knows if it’s a nonissue- as is the case with most of my “problems,” and he would love to help you.  If you want to protect your relationship (this is the equivalent to maintenance of your computer) to get the most out of your earthly life, pray to God- just talk to him.  And lastly, be careful who you choose to spend your time around and where your influences come from.  Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

As I started out by saying, I am newly dedicated to finding Christ’s way in my life, so I do not claim to be a theologian, holy roller, or expert in any way, at all.  I’m not writing to announce my perfection, saying,”Just live like I live!”  I have only found an inkling of the truth and I am attempting to live by it, and would like to share with anyone who cares to read.  I’m just writing this because it is what is flowing out of me and I hope it can help you in some way.


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